The King girls assist in photo shoot styling, staging, marketing and communications and just plain running for me!

"Don't be like the rest of them, darling."

-Grace Kelly


What do I bring to the table? I bring professional experience and a tasteful artist's eye to your beloved project.  I offer design background, market knowledge and hygge to what you already have.  Enhancing what is.  I offer a plethora of props, ideas and hands to your photograph the home.  I partner with a designer and employ several stylists in the valley to provide a wide range of concepts whether that be mountain modern, contemporary, new western or JH vintage western.   


What is styling the new west? It is the making of something pleasant to the eye yet surrounded by majestic beauty.  It is highlighting a western nostalgic feeling inside of your presentation. It is selecting an object to highlight from your store for a photo shoot, or displaying the treasures that give you a sense of the wide-open spaces.   Styling makes your project come alive, it turns what is, into something to be remembered. It speaks to the viewer so they feel a part of the mountain experience and the independent spirit of the west.