Dubois, Wyoming - Classic Corral where many commercials were shot for a well-known cigarette company

Small event planning

Location Scouting and production

Let us find you the perfect venue for your project; whether it is a commercial, catalogue shoot or print ad.  There are many nooks and crannies in this valley that we can secure and point you to so that the real spirit of Jackson Hole is reflected. 

We can provide everything you need to photograph your property from hiring the photographer, styling the rooms, adding and subtracting unique and unusual décor and bringing items from our cache.  We can also provide a complete concept and estimate for "Staging Your Property" ​for furniture, rental and delivery.  We offer a site-on consultation with photos prior to the shoot and give you a professional bid of our services.  We also revitalize the property in what we call "Clean up Sessions" for your Client to completely organize the property head to toe presenting it in the best light.   

Services include:

​Location Shoots/Kraft Tents

Venue/site selection

Vendor selection

Flower procurement

Vendor contracts



Group Activities

Gifts and Gift Bags


Local JH Models

Coordination and Supervision of all Details

​HDJH can assist you in any event planning that you may need from wedding plans, anniversary parties, reunions, western cookouts, corporate gatherings or whatever special small or large occasion brings you to the valley.  We handle all the running around, design, entertainment so you have more time to enjoy our valley. 

Property Photo Shoots